Back in the Day

In the 1980’s a rugged few began to hurl themselves down steep declines. We weren’t the first to forge mountain bikes from steel, but our Fat City origins were on the cusp of a new movement that would become Independent Fabrication.

Precision Craftmanship

From welding a frame within a fraction of a millimeter to applying the final speck of paint. Everything that goes into our bikes is the result of accuracy and attention to detail.

Made By Hand

We’ve built our legacy on solid steel and evolved our capabilities through titanium and carbon fiber. Advances in technology will continue to refine and hone our design processes, but there will never be a substitute for elbow grease and artistry.

Custom Fit

One size does not fit all. No one in the world is built exactly like you, so the frame of your bike should be custom fit to the frame of your body.