This is the land of the TIG torch slinger.

Whether it’s steel, stainless steel or titanium it is welded here. Within this station is everything needed to weld up a frame.

This is the welding stand. It is centrally located within the welding station. It is grounded to the welder via the ground-clamp seen at the bottom. The pedal on the floor next to it controls the amperage.

The electrical current has to jump from the stand to the frame in order to bypass the rubber grips holding the frame. It does so via a special grounding clamp and cable. The cable and clamp rotate with the frame as it spins through its welding sequence.

Yes, that is the chuck off of a huge lathe bolted to the floor functioning as the base for the stand.

This is Bertha, she is a Lincoln Electric Squarewave 300 TIG Welder. This older model is great because of its super low starting amperage, this makes for better control of the arc when welding.

Above is the TIG torch draped over the tungsten electrode holder, sharp ones on top, used ones on the bottom. The tungsten in the torch has to be replaced every so often so having pre-sharpened ones within reach saves time.

Also within reach are the various welding wires used to weld the frames. Different alloys and diameters for different bikes and joints.

Also handy are all of the various fixtures, purging units, heatsinks, spacers, measuring devices and hand tools needed to work on the frame.