A few weekends ago myself, Leah, Ben Frank and Joel Bartell, two of our grassroots racers, rolled out to the Darkhorse Single-Speed-A-Palooza in Windsor, NY. It was a 25 mile single speed only MTB race which was held in Stewart State Forest. We packed up the van and headed out on Saturday. The race was Sunday so we were able to preride the course in the afternoon.

Here’s our boy Ben vogue-ing for the camera.

Leah makes this face a lot, apparently.

Ben beasting it up a pretty tough climb.

Stewart State Forest was really awesome and beautiful.

More funny faces.

Leah, full bloom.

The Darkhorse guys really like the Simpsons.

The course was routed through and abandoned building at one point which was kinda cool. There was a ton of really bad graffiti. Trying to keep the blog PG so I left most of it out.

The riding was really fun, really fast, switchbacky singletrack. Perfect for single speeding. I highly recommend it for folks in the area or other’s looking for fun riding. Check back for race day pics and more bloggin’!