The titanium cyclocross bike we have been working on for Signature Cycles has arrived in the paint department where it has received its primer coat. Each bike that gets painted gets one of our seat tube handle inserts installed.
This device is the only place that the frame is touched by human hands during the painting process. As you can see it slides into the seat tube and has an expander wedge that tightens up to secure the frame to the device…. old-school quill stem style.
After priming the frame’s dropouts are masked off.
After the frame has been painted it goes over to the detailing station where the masking is removed and the entire surface is buffed out by hand to a mirror finish.
There is an entire doorjamb at IF covered in the little painted circles removed from the frames.
There is also a bin of the screws that we use (and re-use) to protect the threads during the painting process. It looks like blue and green have been pretty popular lately.
The next step for this fine bicycle is to build it up…. as soon as Clint finishes painting the fork… gosh Clint, hurry up!
The parts kit has arrived from Signature and is being prepped for the build and resulting studio photo shoot to come.
Stay tuned….