We had a general idea as to what was in store for our six person team the next day. We heard it was going to be a hard 120 mile day in the saddle with about 40% of it taking place on gravel roads and around 11,000ft of climbing. Burgers seemed like a good idea, even the instant grill that Joe brought seemed like a good idea. The whole thing was a great idea.

In the spirit of this gentleman’s style race we would have to race together. There were 2 checkpoints along the route at which we would all have to sign in at before being able to move on. One thing we all forgot… bug spray.

Burgers= good idea, instant grill= not good idea.

But in the spirit of adventure we had to give the little buddy a try. The burgers sat in this state for quite a while before we realized that we should move on to the better, more obvious option.

The campfire with the adjustable built-in grill did the job just right.

So we proceeded to eat our burgers and hot dogs and carbo-load (beer) thus began our final preparations for the next day. We were scheduled to leave at 9:30am. Clint began to embrocate that night.

The next morning we made some coffee…
got Leah’s hair unstuck from her sleeping bag zipper…
packed up the van… and headed out to find some sort of breakfast sandwich. Which we found (some sort of breakfast sandwich= gnar, gnar) along with some interesting country style decorations and fliers…

Framed chariot photographs anyone?

Upon mostly finishing our sandwiches and browsing the “store” we headed to the start….

West Cornwall Connecticut: Here we come!