We walked across the parking lot again to check out the progress on our new neon sign. The bending and and electrode work was completed on the lower box portion of our logo.
Dana was in the process of working on the crown when I walked in on him.
The reddish part of the yellow tube is super hot, this is the portion that he is bending. The material that he is doing the layout on is a fireproof material, he said that it doesn’t work as well as the old stuff…. asbestos.
The tube in his mouth is connected to one end of the glass tube. He uses this tube to regulate the internal pressure of what he is working on by blowing into it.
The crown was made in two sections.
And was melted together in one smooth move.
details of the electrode attachment:

The next morning I stopped by again to see that he had the whole thing full of his gas mixture and electrified.
It might look finished, but he still has a bunch to do to turn it into a completed sign. Nonetheless to see it in this stage is quite amazing.