The 40th anniversary Phil Wood bike. We will be making 40 of these titanium frames for Phil Wood, actually 41 if you count this one, #00, for Peter who is THE MAN over at Phil Wood.

We cut the tubes and sent them over to Phil Wood headquarters to get polished, then we tacked and welded them all together and sent the completed frame back to them for a final polish and build up. They just sent the completed build to us today to bring down to NAHBS in Richmond, VA.

We couldn’t help but to snap some pics for our NAHBS preview series.

So while you digest the following tasty treats we will be building up the final 2 bikes. Hopefully we will have time to shoot them before loading ’em up into the van.

Rumor has it that they are sending us a different saddle for the show… something special from France. Oui! Oui!

PWXL-00/40. See it in person at the IF booth at the (S)NAHBS.