Some folks don’t like the awards at NAHBS, but that’s just because they didn’t win!

Austin was a great venue, made even sweeter by Shawn taking home the cash and prizes for “Best TIG Welded Bike” for our prototype ti Factory Lightweight SS Deluxe.
Awards are handed out in essentially three categories; 1) type (e.g., road, off-road, commuter, track), 2) materials (e.g., steel, carbon, titanium), and 3), construction method (e.g., lugged, fillet brazed, tig-welded).
We’ve now won in every category, which is very gratifying as it shows our versatility as builders; 2007 for Best Track, 2009 for Best Carbon, and now 2011 for Best Tig Welded.
Here are some more pics of the award winning bike:

The show really is about a rendezvous of folks who share a passion for bikes and the various lifestyles around them.
Not sure what was better, winning the award, or the sweet potato pecan pie that we had for desert after our celebratory dinner.
It was a blast, thanks to Don and Lesley for putting on such a great show, and thanks to all of you who stopped by to say hello and check out our stuff.
Check out all of the NAHBS 2011 award winners here. See you all in Sacramento next year.