Winter in Boston is rough on your equipment. Joe is rough on his equipment. Not a good combo if you happen to be his winter commuter.

It’s hard to keep up with the maintenance required to keep things in showroom condition this time of year. I just couldn’t resist the nastiness of his bike right now and had to drag it into the photo studio for some up close and personal moments.

This is quite possibly the dirtiest thing I have photographed (bike wise;) in the studio so far.

There is also some gnarly corrosion happening is some spots due to the insane amount of salt they have been dumping on the roads lately.

Right now, in these parts, everyone’s commuter bike is looking like this, although you can’t tell out on the street because it’s dark at 4:30pm.

Joe’s parting words as he left work today: “I really don’t like riding my bike home this time of year.” And then he got on his bike and rode off into the salty, slushy, freezing dark. (I know he really loves it though)

And now I must go.