Another installment of complete Independent Fabrication bicycles from owner submitted pictures swiped directly from IFrider.

Independent Fabrication is a bicycle building company. We are not just a a builder of road bikes, nor just a mountain bike builder. We don’t prefer titanium, carbon fiber, steel or stainless steel. We prefer to be recognized as one of the most flexible custom builders in the industry, making a full range of models out of the best materials available.

This becomes super evident when browsing the IFrider site. The sheer variety is a little overwhelming. Every single one is different…. and there are thousands of them.

If you are an owner of an Independent Fabrication and haven’t put your bike up on IFrider you are not doing your duty to the club. It’s like a family photo album.

Each bike is as unique as its owner.

But usually not as complicated… wink, wink…

So, if you haven’t already, snap some pics of your bike…


…and share.

Welcome to the club.