We’ve been doing stainless steel road bikes for over 5 years now, and they just keep getting better. At NAHBS we introduced a new tube-set option for our SSR utilizing Columbus’ bi-ovalized MAX tooling. All of our available MAX tube sets were quickly sold, but if you didn’t get yours, worry not, we’ve got more on order.

On Friday we saw a couple of SSR’s go out the door that looked fantastic, and thus worthy of sharing. I posted them on our Facebook page, and Tweeted them, but just in case you don’t go there, here are a few photo montages. Feel free to weave the word montage into some cocktail chatter this weekend, it will lend an air of international sophistication to the conversation. However, if the company doesn’t lend itself to such displays, just say mash-up instead to lend yourself an air of hipsterish casual indifference.

First up is a red with white panel beauty. This is an SSR MAX. Look closely and you’ll see the ovalized top and down tubes.

The other unique thing about this frame is the naked stainless showing through the logos. This is not an easy effect to affect, but Chris and Phil managed to perfect it after our man in Japan, Daisuke Yano, requested it for one of his customers a few months back (see below).

The other SSR that left us on Friday was this Dove Gray and Omaha Orange beauty. I’m going out on a limb and saying that gray and orange is the new hot bike combo, or color-way if you really want that air of international sophistication (spell colour with a “u” and you’ll be all the way to bright).

PF30 BB shell, and an Enve fork custom painted to match help to make this frame-set a light and stiff machine while retaining the intrinsic sweet ride of steel.

All of the shiny made me pull out my SSR yesterday, and I’m going out on it again today. Here’s to getting your shiny on.