Per request we will take a look around the shop at some of the special tooling that we use, focusing on (but not limited to) some of the more handmade items. Once again, no fancy talk, just tools. Below is Tony, Tony has a little brother named Tiny:

This one purges where no others will:

This one is just beautiful in its simplicity (the way it works, not the way it looks), it only does one thing and does it well:

This one is a beast, we use it to punish people when they are bad. If there is nobody to punish then we make Finn use it:

Purging heatsinks are a welders best friend, this one is for a bottom bracket:

Beee’s favorite tool in the shop:

The Sharpie, the most lost tool in the shop, we had to chain this one up so it wouldn’t get away:

If there anything you would like us to FOCUS on, let us know in the comments below…