Don’t let the quiet demeanor fool you. Underneath his calm exterior lies a pilot light ready to go off. I first met Kevin over 10 years ago when I was living in Vermont. Since then, he has never been one to stand still. At the time, he had just started working for the Land Rover Driving School in Manchester, Vermont as an assistant driver. With his hustle and driving skills, that quickly turned into a full-time head driver position.

After years of hard work driving all over the world for Land Rover, and with a European commercial under his belt, he joined Team O’Neill Rally School up in northern New Hampshire. Coming from a mountain bike background, it only made sense that Kevin would gravitate towards rally driving.

He and I would always swap weekend racing stories; me, road/track/cross, and Kevin, rally/road/track. When I told him I got a frame building spot at IF, it didn’t take long for him to hound me for a frame. So naturally he bought a Planet Cross. In his words, “Cross racing is just like rally racing.” “You go flat out from the start and try like hell to keep things together!”

So here he is with his new “ride”. We painted the bike just like a rally car, complete with tow hooks and rally race plaques.

Building a frame for one of your best friends is the toughest challenge. But as you can see, it turned out perfectly. Thank you Kevin and much luck on the course!