Second in a series of bikes and friends, this one is about Big Red and ProBars (bet you were thinking this post was about a different kind of bar). Jules Lambert, fearless leader of ProBar, is a good friend, and friends don’t let friends ride mass-produced bikes. So, Jules sold his existing bike, and Big Red was born, or I should say re-born. Big Red was a woopsie for another customer, destined for a lonely life in the Land of Mis-fit Toys here at IF, until we discovered that she was a perfect fit for Jules. Gotta love it when that happens.

Many hours of hand sanding and a beautiful Corsa Red paint job later, and Big Red is on her way to ProBar’s HQ in Utah, home of the most delicious, organic, unprocessed food that you can eat. I keep trying to get them to make a t-shirt that says “Not Baked!” to promote the whole food goodness of the product, but so far, no luck. Available in twelve amazing flavors (my personal fav is Koka-Moka), they are the perfect meal replacement for on or off the bike.
Lazer cut ti lugs, SRAM Red drivetrain, Mavic Ksyrium Premium wheels, and Deda bar, stem and post to complete her ensemble.
Big Red showing some leg. Ride it well Jules-man, and send more ProBars, this crew can throw down the whole food deliciousness!