Behind IF headquarters, underneath our fire escape (which is ironically made out of wood) out by the railroad tracks, there is a special place. This place is known as Hobo Heaven. It is not uncommon to find a real live hobo stashing his shopping cart there and shimmying under the fence to the secret hobo camp that they have about a mile down the tracks. We also have a picnic table there where we will sometimes hang out or have informal meetings on a nice day.

Well… today Hobo Heaven caught on fire. But fear not! It was saved by Somerville’s finest. They brought 2 firetrucks a couple of police cars and a bicycle cop to make sure everything was under control.

You just cant take the spirit away from this amazing place. Hobo Heaven, you will never die! We will rebuild!

The aftermath is not pretty:

(not that it was that pretty to begin with…)

**Update 5/15/09: the hobos have begun to rebuild!!***