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St. Patrick's Day Bundle

On St. Patrick's Day everyone is Irish! Share a pint with a pal and bring a bit o' luck wherever you may go with this custom shamrock messenger bag by BaileyWorks.

2 IF pint glasses
2 IF stickers
1 Medium SuperPro with reflective shamrocks!

Price: $159

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Ladies Bundle

The Ladies Bundle features great products from Indyfab and BaileyWorks:

1 Brown IndyFab script logo tee with White print.
1 Gray BaileyWorks sewing machine tee with Baby Blue print.
1 BaileyWorks Hip Bag in Black with Pink IndyFab branding.

Tee shirt sizes run differently. Please choose your IndyFab shirt size from the drop down menu. Request your BaileyWorks shirt size through PayPal or email. See below for size info:

IndyFab shirt sizes:
S      34" - 36" chest
M     36" - 38" chest
L      38" - 40" chest

BaileyWorks shirt sizes:
M     30" - 32" chest
L      32" - 34" chest
XL   34" - 36" chest

Price: $65

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Sticker pack

Two new stickers for 2 bucks!

3.5" tall

To purchase please send $2 and a self addressed envelope to:

Independent Fabrication, Inc.
55 Main Street #214
Newmarket, NH 03857

Purchase Info: $2

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Embroidered IF Logo Patch

Have you ever wanted to fly the IF colors on your favorite insert here?  Well with these high quality 3.5 inch embroidered patches you can.  Iron or sew them on, or both, if you're a disc and canti kind of person.  Go ahead, put one on your pillow, its OK by us.

Price: $5

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Pint Glass

It's a pint glass. With our logo. Put beer in it.

That is all.

Price: $10

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IF Clean Bottle

The IF Clean Bottle!

Say goodbye to mold, stink, and funk. Ride clean.

Unscrews at both ends
Removable nozzle for easy cleaning
100% non-toxic. BPA free.

Price: $10

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Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler

Weather your poison is hot or cold, this 16 oz. stainless steel tumbler will keep it safe while you ride.

Price: $20

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Handmade Mugs

Handmade in America by Deneen Pottery, these 10 oz. flare mugs will keep you warm and toasty this winter.

Each mug is durable and safe for the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer.

Price: $25

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IF Logo Bar End Plugs

Super durable bar end plugs with the IF logo on them.

OUT OF STOCK. Coming back soon!

Purchase Info: $13

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IF Monkey Skull Bar End Plugs

Super durable bar end plugs with IF monkey skulls on them!

OUT OF STOCK. Coming back soon!

Purchase Info: $13

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Price: $150