Our Philosophy & Craft Ė The Alchemist Meets the Engineer.

Designing and building custom bicycle frames is a fusion of art with science. It requires radical ideas tempered by scientific notions. What starts as a progressive thought is realized through trigonometry, geometry, and calculus. We make light metals stronger and strong metals lighter. We use the finest, most technically advanced steel tubing, the strongest titanium, and a variety of carbon fibers to mold your vision into a tangible work of art.

Oh yes, the art. It would be naÔve for us to think that other builders werenít using the same high-end metals and components. But itís how we transform them that set us apart. Itís the beauty of design and the flawlessness of the welds. Itís the rich colors that wrap every tube. Itís the sterling silver head badge that marks the final seal of approval.

We build almost everything out of almost anything. Millimeters translate into performance, and our meticulous attention to detail can be seen in every bike. We look like no one else because we build like no one else. Itís a process thatís steeped in tradition and driven by innovation not bound by convention. Itís Independent Fabrication.