Shawn Estes, SINCE 2001

Shop Lead, Frame Builder

Shawn keeps the fab end of the shop running smoothly. He is an expert welder and skilled at all aspects of frame-building. His favorite bike is his IF BMX bike. “You’ve got to love a bike that can make you feel like a 200-pound 12-year-old.”
Toni Smith, SINCE 2008

Mission Control, Finance and Administration

Toni is a CPA and has a PhD.  She teaches finance, statistics and math at the university level... and she tries to keep us organized.  Cat herder should be her title.
Gary Smith, SINCE 2008

Head Badge/Janitorial Services

Gary gave up his parking space in the rat race to make bikes and bags for bikers.  Bikes are easier to park, so who needs the reserved space?
Brian Kelly, SINCE 2001-2008, 2011

Frame Builder

Brian is the work-horse of our fabrication efforts.  He's a problem solving genius, and never panics.  
Chris Rowe, SINCE 2000-2005, 2011

Lead Painter

Chris is back for his second stint at IF, having put us on the map with custom paint and then starting his own shop.  He is a master with the spray gun, and the James Brown of paint (the hardest working man in the biz).
Keith Rouse, SINCE 2001-2007, 2011


AKA: Keitch
Keith is another former IFer back for a second helping.  He's got over 16 years of bike frame experience at both Merlin and IF, and is infamous for his mullet and motorcycle burn-out "Living the Dream" image.

When Keith isn't welding he can be found renovating one of his apartment buildings or on the lake with his kids.

Ryan Waters, SINCE 2010

Graphics/Marketing Support

Ryan puts his art degree to use making sure that we look good.  Sometimes it's like putting lipstick on a pig, but who doesn't like hot bacon?
Christopher Dornbach, SINCE 2013

Frame Designer

With all aspects of bespoke bicycle fabrication in his toolbox, Chris is the belt and suspenders of our shop. When it comes to the design and fit or your custom frame, DBox has you covered like a fine suit.

Phil Harwood, SINCE 2011

Paint Padowan

Phil gave up the glamorous life on the road of a traveling minstrel to become a paint Padowan under Master Rowe.

When he is not in the booth, Phil can be found fishing, riding, or working on his cafe racer project.